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Our Board

Selina JuulChairman of the Board and Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad)

Selina Juul is the woman who started the fight against food waste in Denmark and brought Denmark’s fight against food waste on the world map. Selina Juul has founded Stop Wasting Food movement in 2008 and has extensive knowledge on food waste, has a strong national and international network and a collaboration with the Danish Government, the EU and the UN.

Klaus Jørgensen Vice-Chairman of the Board

Klaus Jørgensen is Area Director at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. Klaus Jørgensen is a representative of the category of agriculture and food industry with massive national and international network.

Anders René JensenMember of the Board

Anders René Jensen is a Marketing Director and Purchasing Director at REMA 1000, as well as board member of The Reitan Group Norway, which owns REMA 1000. Anders René Jensen is representative of the category of retail with extensive national and international network, as well as network in the Nordic region.

Klaus Nørlem Member of the Board

Klaus Nørlem is a Secretary-General of Danish People’s Aid. Klaus Nørlem is a representative of the category of voluntary social organizations focused on assistance to vulnerable citizens. Klaus Nørlem has extensive national and international network, as well as network in the Nordic region.

Torben E. Hoffmann RosenstockMember of the Board

Torben Rosenstock is the CEO of Denmark’s Restaurants & Cafes Association (DRC) – a nationwide trade association with approximately 1,600 members, making DRC the largest representative of restaurants and cafés in Denmark. DRC is committed to promote responsible business conduct and sustainability in the restaurant industry.

Advisory Board

Connie Hedegaard

Former European Commissioner for Climate Action

Flemming Besenbacher

Chairman of Carlsberg A /S, The Carlsberg Foundation and The Tuborg Foundation

Anne-Marie A. Skov

CEO of The Tuborg Foundation

Karen Hækkerup

Former CEO of The Danish Agriculture & Food Council
(Landbrug & Fødevarer)

Leif Nielsen

CEO of The Danish Food and Drink Federation
(Dansk Industri Fødevarer)

John Wagner

CEO of The Cooperating Merchants Association
(De Samvirkende Købmænd)

Ghita Parry

Chairman of The Danish Diet & Nutrition Association
(Kost & Ernæringsforbundet)

Britta Riis

CEO of The Animal Protection Association
(Dyrenes Beskyttelse)

Dorthe Petersen

CEO of Meyers Food House
(Meyers Madhus)

Jens Zimmer Christensen

Chairman of HORESTA